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[Recruitment] What we need~

Thank you all for your support ^_____^~~

We are still hiring but we are no longer in need of Timers/Typesetters, Editors, and Chinese to English Translators.

So what positions do we have?

We need a few (2 or 3) more uploaders which is just uploading our subbed videos to Youtube Dailymotion. As well as post on the links on the site.

We need a few (2 or 3) more encoders which takes the softsubs/timed file and combine it with the raw using virtual dub or a similar program.

We need a lot of Korean to English Translators~~~ ^___^

So if anyone is interested please join the site and send me a pm. My username is Hotarunoai~

Thanks for taking the time out to read this.


Taru Admin

Making a comeback~ part 3

Thank you for the overwhelming responses ^______^ We still need more staff~~ We need:



Chinese To English Translators

Korean To English Translators


We have a lot of editors~~ So we don’t need anymore~~ I will respond to the ones that have messaged us via tumblr ^___^ But the ones listed we need more of ^___^  Thanks again everyone~ <3

Let’s get subbing~~~

Making a comeback~

Hello! This is one of the admins at Apeiron subs. We have slowed down a lot due to lack of staff and busy schedules. I am sorry for this. We are looking for more staff!!! So please do not hesitate to ask what can you do to help us out.

I noticed that a lot of infinite subbing teams either vanished or isn’t getting things done which breaks my inspirit heart T^T

So please please please! Spread the word to every inspirit that Apeiron subs is hiring and will start subbing again.

We are looking for:

Korean to English Translators

Chinese to English Translators






You can contact us via tumblr, twitter or on our site:

Let’s spread the inspirit love to English speakers around the world!!~

Thanks for taking the time out to read~~ <3

~Admin Taru