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Apeiron Subs ~~~ Revival part 2

okay so instead of inboxing us please fill out this survey instead ^___^

Thanks for your time <3333 Can’t wait!

[Recruitment] What we need~

Thank you all for your support ^_____^~~

We are still hiring but we are no longer in need of Timers/Typesetters, Editors, and Chinese to English Translators.

So what positions do we have?

We need a few (2 or 3) more uploaders which is just uploading our subbed videos to Youtube Dailymotion. As well as post on the links on the site.

We need a few (2 or 3) more encoders which takes the softsubs/timed file and combine it with the raw using virtual dub or a similar program.

We need a lot of Korean to English Translators~~~ ^___^

So if anyone is interested please join the site and send me a pm. My username is Hotarunoai~

Thanks for taking the time out to read this.


Taru Admin

I completely forgot to add something~

We also need a few graphic designers to make the site and our twitter page pretty~ So since we only need a few, anyone interested please send us your portfolio or samples! 

Do not send us your url to your tumblr account! We won’t accept that due to the increasing numbers of people stealing/”editing” other people artwork.

Thanks for your time~~ <3 Thanks for your support as well ^___^ Hwaiting!

~Hotaru from Apeironsubs

Making a comeback~ part 3

Thank you for the overwhelming responses ^______^ We still need more staff~~ We need:



Chinese To English Translators

Korean To English Translators


We have a lot of editors~~ So we don’t need anymore~~ I will respond to the ones that have messaged us via tumblr ^___^ But the ones listed we need more of ^___^  Thanks again everyone~ <3

Let’s get subbing~~~

Making a comeback~

Hello! This is one of the admins at Apeiron subs. We have slowed down a lot due to lack of staff and busy schedules. I am sorry for this. We are looking for more staff!!! So please do not hesitate to ask what can you do to help us out.

I noticed that a lot of infinite subbing teams either vanished or isn’t getting things done which breaks my inspirit heart T^T

So please please please! Spread the word to every inspirit that Apeiron subs is hiring and will start subbing again.

We are looking for:

Korean to English Translators

Chinese to English Translators






You can contact us via tumblr, twitter or on our site:

Let’s spread the inspirit love to English speakers around the world!!~

Thanks for taking the time out to read~~ <3

~Admin Taru

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credits: Sodapop <3 Sorry T^T

∞ Merry Christmas from Infinite ∞